Americans use a lot of energy. A LOT. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the United States burned up a whopping 98 quadrillion BTUs of energy in 2010, up from 95 quadrillion a year prior—a mind-boggling amount of energy consumption for a country that only makes up about 4.5 percent of the global population. Worldwide BTU usage is approximately 500 quadrillion, so that means that nearly a fifth of the world’s energy is being consumed by the United States.

U-S-A, U-S-A!

Interestingly, areas responsible for the production of the most energy typically use more energy while paying less for it: nine out of the top 10 energy-consuming states rank in the top 20 for production.

For example, Wyoming leads the ranks in energy consumption, but it is the least expensive per capita, with a rate of only 8.7 cents per kilowatt-hour versus the national average of 10 cents. On the higher end of the spectrum, Hawaii pays 25 cents per kilowatt-hour.

It should come as no surprise that industrial consumption takes up the largest chunk of total consumption in America (31 percent), while residential usage is responsible for nearly 23 percent.

States That Use the Most Energy

1. Wyoming

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 948.1 million (equal to 171 barrels of oil per person per year)

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 8.77 cents (sixth least)

2. Alaska

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 898.5 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 16.26 cents (sixth most)

3. Louisiana

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 894.4 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 8.98 cents (12th least)

4. North Dakota

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 712.6 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 8.13 cents (third least)

5. Iowa

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 489.3 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 10.42 cents (22nd least)

6. Texas

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 466.1 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 11.60 cents (18 most)

7. South Dakota

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 464.9 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 8.97 cents (11th least)

8. Nebraska

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 461.1 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 8.94 cents (10th least)

9. Kentucky

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 454.7 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 8.57 cents (4th least)

10. Indiana

Per Capita BTU Consumption: 442.3 million

Residential price kilowatt-hour: 9.56 cents (17th least)

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