It's time for a battle of the cities. Lawton VS Wichita Falls and today it will be the place where you take your kids.

First off, I do want to do some clarifications on what a 'family entertainment center' is. Chuck E Cheese is not a family entertainment center. Also to my good friends at The Deep End and Maniac's Mansion, you do not qualify for this either, still love you guys though. I'm talking about those places that have arcades, pizza, but also things like mini golf, skating, or go karts.

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Those are family entertainment centers. For Wichita Falls, we have Family Fun Zone, for Lawton they have LOL. I have been to Family Fun Zone about a dozen times since moving to Wichita Falls. Over the weekend I drove up to Lawton to go see the new Thor movie at the IMAX theater. Quick tangent, why does Lawton get IMAX, but we don't? Come on AMC or Cinemark step your game up.

Since I had some free time before the movie, why not go get some pizza and play some games? I had never been to LOL before and had a great time. However it did get me to thinking. If you could pick one to visit, which would you go to?

I did a full breakdown on positives and negatives for each location. Both offer some of the same things, while they also offer some better things at each location. Let me know what you think of my breakdown and if you agree or not.

Better Family Entertainment Center Lawton or Wichita Falls?

Over the weekend I made the trip up to Lawton to go see an IMAX movie. It would be nice to have one of those in Wichita Falls. Before the movie, I decided to visit LOL which is a family entertainment place for the city. Is it better than Family Fun Zone in Wichita Falls? Let's break it down.

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