I am a big supporter of our local Wichita Falls establishments. However, what do you do when you're craving those chains? Go hit up one of these places instead.

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I remember a famous diet book exists called 'Eat This, Not That'. Basically if you're craving a certain food, you look it up in the book and it tells you a more healthier option to enjoy. Well, how about if you want to go to a certain chain, but you still want to support a local business. That is where I come in with my random crap of the day. The Eat This, Not That Wichita Falls edition. Top ten chains taken from this list.

1. Texas Underground BBQ (Instead of Texas Roadhouse)

Call me crazy, but I don't get a steak at Texas Roadhouse. I love an order of ribs there. Want some good ribs in Wichita Falls? Head downtown to Texas Underground BBQ. Mainly a lunch place during the week, but Fridays and Saturdays you can enjoy an early dinner.

2. Karat Bar and Bistro (Instead of The Cheesecake Factory)

I always hear this is the number one requested chain in Wichita Falls. How about you check out Karat also in downtown Wichita Falls. I won't lie, it doesn't have a bible menu like the Cheesecake Factory. It does have a nice variety of food options though and if you love the desserts at The Cheesecake Factory, Karat has something for all the sweet tooth lovers in Wichita Falls.

3. Mia's Italian Bistro (Instead of Olive Garden)

Anybody remember that Olive Garden commercial where a grandma gets off a plane from Italy and her family takes her to Olive Garden and we all collectively rolled our eyes into the back of our head? If you want some good local Italian food, check out Mia's off of Beverly Drive.

4. Kung Fu Kitchen (Instead of P.F. Changs)

Alright, Kung Fu Kitchen is more considered fast casual as opposed to a regular sit down restaurant. I don't care. It always hits the spot and my only complaint is that they're closed on Sundays. I ALWAYS CRAVE THIS AFTER A COWBOYS GAME AND CAN NEVER GET IT. Still love you Kung Fu Kitchen, enjoy your day off even though it tortures me.

5. Luigi's (Instead of Maggianos Little Italy)

Literally just ate here on Sunday. They're probably more famous for their pizza, but they have some damn good pastas as well. It is a bit of a drive for me to the base, but it's always worth it. Buffalo chicken pizza is always a must order for me.

6. Pelican's (Instead of Longhorn Steakhouse)

Never enjoyed Longhorn Steakhouse. Always tried to come off as a fancier version of Lonestar Steakhouse. If you want fancy, check out Pelican's. Great atmosphere and even better food. I've tried several different things and have never been disappointed.

7. Parkway (Instead of Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen)

Everything Cheddars does, Parkway does better. I will admit, it's probably much quieter in Cheddars depending on what sporting event is going on. Food wise though, Parkway kills it. They have better burgers, sandwiches, and especially salads compared to Cheddars. Seriously Parkway salads really underrated.

8. Willie's Place (Instead of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews)

Alright, Red Robin. I respect the hell out of the unlimited fries you do. Can't compete with that anywhere in Wichita Falls and the place I picked doesn't serve beer either. However, burger against burger. Willie's Place wins. I mean Willie's Place has a burger that is literally two grilled cheese sandwiches inside of a burger. Sorry Red Robin, not winning that battle.

9. Sweetie Pies Ribeyes (Instead of Outback Steakhouse)

I have been thinking about this one all day while writing this. How in the hell do I find an Australian themed steakhouse outside of Outback? Well...you could travel south of Wichita Falls. Go a little down under to Sweetie Pies Ribeyes in Decatur? WORK WITH ME HERE ALL OF THESE WERE NOT GOING TO BE GOOD!

10. Crab Kindom (Instead of Red Lobster)

Crab Kingdom
Crab Kingdom

I am very picky on seafood, considering my home state of Maryland. That's all their famous for. I personally don't eat at Red Lobster, so literally any seafood place is better than that. Crab Kingdom has some good seafood for Wichita Falls if you want to give it a try.


Well, that wraps up my Eat This, Not That Wichita Falls edition. I am sure you have many options that you wished I went with instead. Maybe I can do this again one day with some new restaurants to show more some love.

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