On October 11th, Wichita Falls parents Bubba McDaniel and Amber Odom suffered a parent's worst nightmare. Their 2-year-old son, Jason Wilder McDaniel, died. For days, virtually no information on the child's death was made officially public. On October 22, an evidentiary search warrant was served at home in the 2000 block of Irving Place, where the child reportedly died.

KFDX reported the home is listed as being owned by James Staley III. McDaniel granted a phone interview recently to the Slip N Dip podcast, hosted by Matthew Wells and Kendrick Johnson. McDaniel speaks about the moment he learned of his son's death and some of the details that have emerged since. The investigation into the 2-year-old's death is ongoing and no arrests have yet been made.

Language alert: video may be NSFW

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