If you do not have a jar of this in your house right now, what are you doing with your life?

Wichita Falls, the following will be an ode to something that not many of you are aware of, but Old Bay is taking over the world. I just found out yesterday that Old Bay has partnered up with Gold Fish crackers.

I can not freaking wait for this! I am fully prepared to pay money to anything that tastes like Old Bay. If you're unaware, they have Old Bay, vodka, beer, sunflower seeds, cheese curls, hot sauce, potato chips. I am waiting for the day where an ice cream gets announced and I will freaking being buying it. By the way, that Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream SUCKS, do not buy.


I know living in Texas, many of you season your food with Tony Chacere when it comes to seafood or chicken out of Louisiana. I am telling you to throw that in the trash and upgrade your taste buds to Old Bay. You will never go back. I would literally put this seasoning on anything.

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If you can't find it in the seasoning aisle, it's typically hiding in the seafood section of your favorite grocery store. I just needed you people in Wichita Falls to be aware that Old Bay Seasoning is coming for your favorite foods and I am all for it. If you don't have some yet, get it!

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