Damn lady, I live here.

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I always keep an eye on Wichita Falls videos that pop up on YouTube and today I spotted an interesting one. "A Total Let Down: Wichita Falls, TX" from the YouTube Page It's A Good Life RV. Basically the page is dedicated to working and living in a RV while traveling across the country.

The first part of the video is actually in Waco, one of the things they showed off was the Dr Pepper Museum. That could have been the title, "We Saw Where Dr Pepper Was Invented". We will get to Wichita Falls though.

Lake Arrowhead State Park


Looks like the gang stayed just outside of Wichita Falls at Lake Arrowhead State Park. They showed off some of the things to do around the lake and went on a bike ride. Nothing too exciting to be honest. Let's get to the Wichita Falls city limits.

Looks Like the Falls Were Shut Off


So it looks like Wichita Falls was just a pit stop to do laundry and load up on supplies. However, the one thing that they actually do in the video is go to The Falls. Of course they were shut off lol. So I guess that is the let down part of the video? Seriously, that's it? I was prepared for a lot worse in this video, but The Falls not running is why we're total let down? I guess we need to play the song again.

"Put the Falls, Back in Wichita Falls"

Honestly though if you're coming to our city just to see The Falls, it will be a total let down. So I can't really be mad at these folks. Check out their video below if you want to see the full thing.

Watch: A Total Let Down: Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls Bee Infestation at Local 7/11

Looks like one of our local 7/11 stores had quite the bee infestation behind one of their outside walls. Here's some pretty cool exclusive photos of the removal process.

This Wichita Falls Home Was Once a Recording Studio

Back in the day, Wichita Falls was home to Nesman Studio. Who had some very famous clintel come in throughout the years, including Buddy Holly. Today though, the recording studio is gone and it's just a house at 3108 York Avenue. Check it out below.

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