Nothing was more fun than your parents dropping you off with a pocket full of quarters for some fun at the arcade. In Wichita Falls back in the day, I am told Aladdin's Castle was king.

Now I didn't grow up here in Wichita Falls and everybody knows I love a good arcade. I'm still happy to see we have some great ones here in Wichita Falls. I highly recommend The Deep End or Maniac's Mansion. Back in the day here in Wichita Falls, you went to Aladdin's Castle. At the peak of arcades in the 80's, no one was bigger than Aladdin's castle.

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They had the most locations in the country and were in 41 states. They were making 38 million dollars in revenue a year and since they were the most recognizable. They were called the McDonald's of the arcade business. After 1986 though, the chain started closing more and more locations. In 1993, Namco bought the rights to Aladdin's Castle and started renaming them or closing them in the following years.

You maybe think this part of your childhood is gone forever, but alas one Aladdin's Castle is still in operation. Over in Quincy, Illinois at the Quincy Town Center Mall. I'm taking a look at what they got. A movie theater? Yup. Spencer's Gifts? Yup. Auntie Anne's? Yup. Finally, an Aladdin's Castle? Yup. Everything you need for a great mall experience right there.

Looks like they still use tokens, so if you any of those lying around in a drawer right now. Plan a trip to Quincy, Illinois. Looks like they're about a two hour drive from my family in Illinois, so may have to plan a road trip on the next visit.

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