Kari Hill was willing to fight over one of Wichita Falls' dumbest policies and I am SO happy to report she won.

Back in January, I was infuriated to hear some of my listeners were receiving notices in the mail about their basketball hoops in the front of their properties. They were told if their hoops were not removed, they would be fined. Also the lovely folks with the city of Wichita Falls told people to CALL THE COPS about people with basketball hoops facing the street. If you considered calling the cops over a basketball hoop, I hope you stub your toe every day.

I let my opinion be known about this in my original story back in January. I was hoping to hear some good news come out of this. Unfortunately, I kept hearing more and more complaints from my listeners about warnings of impending fines. One of those people who received a notice of a fine was Kari Hill. She was threatened with a fine of $440. Once again this is a freaking basketball hoop.

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“I told them the goal is not moving. It’s not going anywhere. It’s not leaving the front yard,” Kari Hill said to Times Record News. Hell yeah Kari, I like you. Hill went to court and the fines were dropped. Here's the thing, she shouldn't have to do this. The city needs to drop this stupid policy IMMEDIATELY.

All I ever hear from folks is, man these kids spend too much time inside. Well, you took away one of the best neighborhood kid activities from them. I'm sure everyone on that damn city council spent sometime as a kid playing basketball in front of their house or a friend's house back in the day. Lighten up politicians of Wichita Falls, let these kids spend sometime outside playing for crying out loud.

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