This weekend was the Fourth of July and that meant some unhappy citizens in town. One of them is Christopher Kelly.

So I guess in a perfect world within the city limits of Wichita Falls. Everyone who loves fireworks would just go to Sheppard Air Force Base on Saturday. Take in the awesome fireworks show, go home and call it a night. Let's be honest, we know that doesn't happen. Every year, people in your neighborhood keep the fireworks going well into the night.

I remember being a kid, so as long as you're not in my yard, I really don't care. I can see, hating this holiday. Maybe you have a dog, PTSD, or the fireworks are destroying your property. That last one is what happened to Christopher Kelly off of Filmore Street.

Christopher Kelly shared his story with KFDX, which you can see in the video above. He told them he called 911 to talk about fireworks going off in his neighborhood and they were damaging in his property. He says dispatch told him that Wichita Falls police officers were on more important calls. Kelly shared the footage from his doorbell camera of the firework going off outside his house.

“The reason I got that is because again the police never show up so if you want any evidence of damage or anything for insurance claims you have to do it yourself. You cannot count on the police to actually show up,” Kelly said. I hope that Mr. Kelly is compensated for the damage to his property.

All I have to say is, if you're trying to stop fireworks from going off on the Fourth of July in Wichita Falls. Good luck.

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