Stumbled onto this guy with a YouTube page dedicated to skateboarding and he happened to be traveling through Wichita Falls. What does he think of our local skate park?

I want to stress I am using the term 'professional' skateboarder VERY loosely in that headline, but YouTube user PhaseSkater is clearly more than an average skateboarder. Looks like he travels the country, checking out skate parks, reviewing equipment, and showing basics on simple skateboard tricks. Sounds like a sweet life to me.

Although I haven't been on a skateboard in almost two decades, I can respect the hell out of anyone that can handle themselves at a skate park. I have personally never attempted anything at our Wichita Falls skate park, but I ate plenty of s*** at mine back in the day. 12-year-old me would have definitely been hanging out at the Wichita Falls skate park if I grew up here.

Looks like Phase Skater is a little intimidated by our park and maybe some of the design choices for what to do tricks on. Me personally, I think it looks like every other skate park I have been to. Except for those bricks coming off at the 1:06 mark where he says 'interesting features'. I would have busted my ass trying to jump over those things back in the day.

Plus shout out to all the graffiti at our skate park and I really mean that. A skate bowl should be covered and ours in Wichita Falls is no different. If you haven't been to the skate park, check it out just off Maurine Street.

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