CORRECTION: CJ's last name is Denman. He is incorrectly referred to as Darden in the video.

A Wichita Falls High School senior has been barred from walking the stage at his graduation ceremony after shooting a video of a fellow student smoking marijuana in class.

On May 16th, Old High senior CJ Denman took out his cell phone to capture a short video of a fellow student who had just lit up a joint in the classroom.

Moments later, the teacher noticed the smell as well as the commotion and called for Principal Deborah Dipprey. Denman and several other students were taken to the office and searched by a police officer.

According to police, Denman was not found to be under the influence nor in possession of any marijuana or other drugs and no charges were filed against him. However, accusations allegedly made by other students some time later that Denman was also smoking marijuana in class led to his suspension and not being allowed to walk the stage with his classmates at graduation on May 28.

Denman’s mother, Crystal Washington, has filed a grievance with the WFISD and she has told NewsTalk 1290 that she "keeps trying to talk to them" (school officials) but they have told her they cannot because of the grievance process.

We recently sat down with Denman and his mother to get their take on the situation. That interview can be seen in the video above.

Wichita Falls ISD officials declined to comment citing student privacy.

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