I would like to think I had a good weekend, but I think Wichita Falls' own Greg Casillas had the best weekend.

Could you imagine joining a band on stage to perform one of their biggest hits? Greg Casillas was able to do that this past Friday when he attended the Three Days Grace show in Irving at the Toyota Music Factory. For those of you who do not know, Greg is the front man for local Wichita Falls bands Strange Lucy and also Better Strangers.

So it's not like Greg does not know how to command a crowd. However, a Three Days Grace stage and Strange Lucy stage are too different beasts. Greg though absolutely killed it when he joined the band for 'Just Like You'. Apparently Three Days Grace bassist Brad Walst randomly plucked him out of the crowd to perform with the band.

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Since Brad's brother Matt Walst is the front man, I guess he made the call for a new front man for the song. Just a joke Matt. That was not the end of the eventful weekend for Greg he also had a show at Fat Alberts the very next day with Strange Lucy.

So getting to join what appears to be one of his favorite bands on stage and then also playing a show in your own band in the same weekend. Greg, I think this will be a weekend you never forget. Hopefully you're still buzzing off that rush. To see what Greg is up to next, follow Strange Lucy and Better Strangers online.

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