Each Week, Kathie Lee and Hoda pick a fan of the week on the Today Show. Viewers submit their entry and a photo of them watching the show online and then each week's winner has a chance to answer a trivia question and win a grand prize. This week's winner was from right here in Wichita Falls.

On Monday, Kathie Lee was off so Matt Lauer was filling in. They got on Skype to contact Traci Pierce from Wichita Falls to tell her the big news. After teasing her a bit about if she watches the first two hours of the show (when Matt is always on) they got to the big question: Where did Kathie Lee go during a segment on the show last week.

Traci, who says she used to sneak watch the show online at work before she was retired, gave her answer, Israel, and got it right! She won a 4 day vacation to Florida for getting the right answer. Traci says that she's going to take her sister with her on the trip.