When you’re trying to enjoy some Wing Stop with your mistress and your wife walks in.

The below TikTok video has been getting quite a bit of attention over the last couple of days. The user, ifeedstraysinhopeofrescu, walks into a Wing Stop in Elsa, Texas to confront her husband and his mistress who are enjoying a little date and dine time.

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I guess the husband, Leonard, saw her approaching and alerted his mistress before making a mad dash for the toilet. When she first walks in, you see the mistress sitting alone at the booth with her back to the door.

Within a couple of seconds, the mistress gets up and nonchalantly walks out of the restaurant with her face glued to the phone, not willing to risk making eye contact with the wife.

However, the wife wasn’t going to let her slide. She takes a moment to ask a guy eating wings to confirm that the mistress was sitting with someone before she walked in and he told her that she was, in fact, sitting with a guy with a cap.

She then exits the restaurant and asks the mistress who she is and if she knows the “man with a cap.” Of course, she denies knowing who he is.

She then goes back into the restaurant for the money shot.

She walks right into the men’s bathroom and finds ol’ Leonard sitting in the stall with the door shut (lucky for her there wasn’t anyone else in there, otherwise this video would most likely be going viral for a different reason). She hollers at him a couple of times before he finally acknowledges her and as you might expect, acts puzzled when she asks him, “who is that?”

She says part 2 of the video is coming and I wish she would come on with it. Stay tuned.

@ifeedstraysinhopeofrescu Replying to @tranquilo_fg4 ♬ original sound - I feed strays

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