I hate to say I told you so.

But, I told you so.

Way back on October 22, 2013, I wrote an article here on newstalk1290.com speculating that Nolan Ryan would join the Astros after being spurned by the Texas Rangers. Check out my prognosticating skills, here.

I'm not right very often, just ask my wife, but I nailed this one almost 4 months in advance.

HOUSTON - On Tuesday, the Houston Astros announced that Nolan Ryan would join the organization in an advisor role to multiple offices. Ryan resigned as the Texas Rangers CEO in October 2013. (Getty Images, Bob Levey)

On Tuesday, Nolan Ryan agreed to join the Houston Astros organization as a special advisor to team president Reid Ryan (his son), owner Jim Crane, and general manager Jeff Luhnow. Now Nolan will have a say in both in the business and the baseball sides of a MLB franchise.

"I'm very excited to be back with the Astros," Ryan said in Tuesday's statement. "I'm happy to assist Jim, Jeff and Reid in any way I can. The Astros have a solid foundation with a strong farm system. I think the future is bright for Houston and I'm looking forward to my involvement."

Suddenly, the in-state rivalry between the Astros and Rangers just took another twist.

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training on February 16, while the Rangers season home opener is on March 31 against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Rangers host the Astros in a 3-game set on April 11-13.