The White House has announced it will release at least one photo of the corpse of Osama Bin Laden.  For many, it won't change anything.  Those who believe this is some elaborate conspiracy to boost Obama's re-election chances won't change their minds on anything.  Those who believe Bin Laden is NOT dead will continue to believe that, by and large.  The terrorist thugs who so hate us will not hate us any more than they already do.  The photo will not be too shocking or graphic for many.  Think about it.  You cannot watch an episode of 'NCIS' or 'CSI' or most any other crime drama without being treated to a rotting, oozing, decaying corpse in some stage of autopsy.  We've become so desensitized that it just doesn't shock like it used to.  I'm not saying it's o-k that we're so desensitized.  It's not healthy in my opinion.  But this is not some crime drama.  This is real life.  This is a tragic chapter in our nations history.  We need to see this murderous thugs lifeless body.  I don't look forward to this with excitement.  I don't look forward to it at all.  But I still see those bodies falling from the World Trade Center towers.  Those images will be with all of us for the rest of our lives.  And so will this image.  But hopefully we can look at it and say, 'no, those who have given their life in this fight did not die in vain'.  And we need to send a message to our country's enemies.  The murder of our citizens will not go unanswered.