If ever we have ridden an emotional roller coaster as a society, the last three years have certainly been just that.  $4.11; $1.89; $3.25;$3.99; $3.57-nauseous yet?  Gas dove to a soft-bottomed $3.57 a gallon the other day and you would have thought the National Weather Service had just called for a 6" snow tomorrow.  People frantically buying fuel like they were about to be socked in for a long weekend.  Really?  Are we that gullible?  Yes, Virginia, we are.  The pain threshold has gotten so high, we look at $3.57 a gallon and nearly black out in excitement.  I spent over $50 to fill my wife's Honda on Sunday.  $50 to fill a Honda?  Sad, sad, sad.  If all of this were due to supply and demand, then I, being the street wise conservative capitalist constitutionalist that I am, might be able to find some glimmer of logic to all of this.  But it's all hot air speculative trading, so $3.57 per gallon fails to stimulate me.  And now we learn that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, aka Dr. Crazy, the 'president' of Iran will now head OPEC.  Oh joy!  So now what does the future hold for America on the energy front?  At this point, I'd say a gun.  And it's pointed straight at our heads.  Pay up sucka!