A generous mystery customer has helped make this holiday season special for several Wichita Falls families by paying off their layaways at a local Walmart.

With yesterday being the last day to pay off layaways for Christmas, an anonymous customer entered a local Walmart last night and paid off $2,000 worth of toys on layaway.  Walmart co-manager Jennifer Moore noted that the generosity of the customer not only benefited the families with items on layaway, but also the staff at Walmart,

The rumor all around the store was just like oh my gosh the gentleman came in so it just kind of gave everyone that lifted spirit around the store so it was a great feeling.

This is something that has happened in previous holiday seasons, not only at Walmart but other store with similar layaway programs.  Moore said the Walmart staff is thrilled with the situation as it means more children will be able to have a merry Christmas.

via KFDX