The 30th Annual Running of the Hotter N Hell Hundred is one for the books. In more ways than one!

Wichita Falls set new records for heat all summer long, and the day of The Ride was no exception with a high temperature of 109 degrees. That is the highest temperature ever recorded at any Hotter N Hell Hundred ... so far.

In a small way I was glad I was not riding this year. I've been a participant in the Hotter N Hell Hundred for more than 15 years and have thoroughly enjoyed every ride, but this was my first time as a member of the Steering Committee. That was my excuse to hang around the Finish Line Village with my trusty Nikon and see what I could see.

From the consumer show to the early start in semi-darkness to the water cannon to the live entertainment in the main tent to a Hotter N Hell Wedding (Yes! There was a wedding AFTER the entire party rode 100 miles!) here are some of the scenes that caught my eye at this year's Ride.

If you have a good story about your participation in this year's Ride, please share it with us! We'd love to hear it!

Dave D.