I have been accused just recently of not knowing "what the hell I am talking about".   I ran into a listener yesterday who said those very words.  Now, full disclosure here, I've known this person for 20 years.  I'll call him "Willie" (not his real name-we have a moral obligation as children of God to protect those too stupid to protect themselves I am told). Yes, "Willie", like "Slick Willie" only less cultured; a mental giant, he is not.  He's a flaming liberal.  I'm talking red-hot, pro-everything-as-long-as-it-feels-good,  Kennedy-style, dyed-in-the-wool liberal!  I didn't say we were drinking buddies, although I don't drink.  Well, unless you count Dr. Pepper.  No, I've known "Willie"  for a long time and he's not changed a bit.  All democrats are saints and all republicans are the spawn of Satan.  Ted Kennedy could have driven 100 women into that river and he'd still be eligible for sainthood in this dudes book.  "Willie"  read one of my recent blogs on the stupidity behind these insane oil prices.  I'll give him his due.  He didn't hide behind some anonymous phone call or trumped up email address, he walked right up to me, said hello, then proceeded to chew me out and tell me what an idiot I am.  But, I must have satisfaction.  I am right.  "Willie"  is wrong.  And I have found yet more evidence that I am not alone in many of my assertions.  Here is a 'Tech Ticker' interview from over a month ago with Oppenheimer's Fidal Gheit, one of the investment brains of the world. Even this guy is in line with some of my opinions.   Watch, learn and weep "Willie"