Congratulations, Republican Party.  You’ve successfully stripped the Democratic party of it’s power in Washington, or so it would seem.  But your success lies in your willingness to fully embrace constitutionally conservative principles.  I don’t see a great deal of hope for some of you, the ones who’ve clearly established themselves as RINO’s: John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain-just to name a few.

Republicans won in 20 key races, including Maine, Colorado and Arkansas, none of which I would have bet money on before noon Tuesday.  Republicans washed the blue right out of the governors mansions in Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland.  These wins are substantial and the opportunities to further conservative causes and values there plentiful, if they (the newly elected governors) are determined.


Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Even more historic than the red basting of those hot beds of liberal venom is what happened in the south and New York.  South Carolina’s Tim Scott, the first black Republican elected to the Senate since Reconstruction, trounced his democrat opponent.  You think that might send a message to democrats?  It should, but they won’t get it.  In New York, Elise Stefanik becomes the youngest woman ever elected to Congress at age 30.  Now I really feel old.  Well done, young lady.  Well done.  And let’s not forget we now have the first Iraq war veteran in Congress, Arkansas Tom Cotton.  Utah has put the first black woman from their state in office, Mia Love.  Oh, and she’s Mormon, too.  That win must have made liberal heads spin right off last night.

Of course Texas sent a strong message to democrats, too.  By an overwhelming majority, Attorney General Greg Abbott won the governor’s race getting almost 60 percent of the vote.  Don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out, Wendy.  And Dan Patrick’s supporters put a beat down on Letecia Van de Putte.  The message in Texas was clear: the majority of Texans are NOT buying what the democrats have been trying to sell.  To paraphrase a famous movie quote: Go sell your crazy someplace else.  We’ve had enough of it here.


Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In short, the Republicans have accomplished job one; they’ve taken control back from the left.  Now, the real work begins.  The Obama Administration will now become even more dangerous and determined than ever before.  Amnesty before December 31st is on their radar.  They’re hell-bent on beating the January turn of events.  Congress must muster enough backbone to stop this madness.  The House must push back hard against Boehner.  He’s in the tank for amnesty and he’s not shy about it.  In the Senate, McConnell is the one to watch closely.  He will bend to the President’s will under the right circumstances and this is one of those circumstances.  The new players get their uniforms on January 3rd.  Let’s see if we can make them actually get their collective heads in the game.

I have a simple message for all Republican’s out there: don’t screw it up.  You’ve been given new life, yet again.  You should have embraced the Tea Party, constitutional conservatism and Biblical principles long ago.  It’s what your supporters are starving for, begging for even.  Step up, man up, do the right things.  Make the hard decisions.  Cast aside any notions of appeasing the liberal, Marxist left.  The voters have soundly rejected them.  Let’s focus on what needs to be done to bring America back to the exceptional nation, the economic powerhouse we once were.  Here’s your opportunity.  Don’t mess it up.