Well, it only took 83 tries, but we finally gave away that cool little Honda Metropolitan 50 Scooter at Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles Saturday afternoon!

Thanks to everyone who tried to call in and qualify! We'd love to have given a key to all of you, but that just wasn't possible.

The crowd started gathering at Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles early in the afternoon with each contestant being checked in by one of our crack Air Staff, then getting a number for their turn at trying to unlock the treasure chest that held the coveted Scooter Key.

One by one, they took their turn. One by one they left the lock unopened. One became 10, 10 became 20, 20 became 30, became 40 ... became 60 ... Good Grief! Would somebody win this thing already? 60 became 70, 70 became 80 and on the 83rd attempt, Misty Koru walked up to the lock.

She'd been there all afternoon with her daughter Kate and Kate's friend Madison. Misty's husband had been there earlier, but had an appointment and had to leave before Misty's number came up.

When you're number 83 out of 90 or so entries, you really expect that someone will win before you get a chance, but such was not the case Saturday afternoon. Misty picked one of the few keys left in the upturned motorcycle helmet, walked over to the lock and brought the key to it. It went in.

The crowd watched with anticipation, knowing that there were only a few more keys left to try.

Misty gave the key a twist. It turned. The lock popped open. The crowd cheered as Misty turned around, jumping up and down in excitement! The treasure chest was opened and the key to the Honda Metropolitan was retrieved and inserted into the Scooter, given a twist and the mighty 49cc engine sprang to life.

Misty says the scooter will probably be used by her daughter to get to and from school. When she called her husband to tell him that she'd won he refused to believe her until one of our Air Staff got on the phone and confirmed it for him.

Congratulations, Misty (and Kate!) on winning the Honda Scooter from Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles!

Thanks to Trey Sralla and everyone at Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles for providing the Scooter and helping make this event such a success.

Thank you, to everyone who won a key, or tried by entering online or calling us on the air. We hope you had as much fun at this event as we did!

Here are some photos we took that afternoon, see if there's anyone you recognize?



You'd better watch out, Misty and Kate may be "scooting" down your street soon! Udn, udn, vroom, vroom!