The issue just won't go away; is Barack Hussein Obama really from the United States?  Truthfully, I can't put it to rest in my mind either.  Think it through.  You and I have to present certified state-issued copies of our birth certificates to get a driver’s license, a passport, to enroll in school; hell I had to get one to enroll in driver’s education in high school.  Whose responsibility is it to ask a potential presidential candidate for his or her certified state issued copy of their birth certificate?  The Senate?  The Supreme Court?  Judge Judy?  Bert from Sesame Street?  I just don’t recall that ever being covered in a history or social studies class.  Do we simply take for granted that whoever runs, as long as they speak English, they must be from the U.S.A?

Just when you thought it might be a dead horse, that pony is runnin’ again.  Yes the birther issue is alive and well.  Not that it ever was really a dead issue.  This has continued to boil beneath the surface from day one.  Now, before you become too critical of me for bringing this up, it only seems rational and fair that you would fully vet a candidate for office, including verifying beyond any doubt that they were in fact born in the U.S.A, right?  If we have to prove ourselves to be U.S. citizens for something as seemingly petty as a driver’s ed course, why not someone aiming to be POTUS?  Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Phoenix) Arizona has an active investigation going into the issue.  Why was this issue not addressed prior to Obama’s election?  Did someone drop the ball?  Did someone fail to do their job?  Say it isn’t so!

The crack team at the late Andrew Breitbart’s website has uncovered a 1991 booklet produced by Obama’s then literary agents that may take this debate to a whole new level that even the most ardent Obama supporters will not be able to ignore.  Click here and see for yourself.


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