It took me way too long to finally order one of these, but it seemed like the proper way to celebrate winning the NFC East.

I told you guys about this months ago and I feel like a jerk for waiting this long to get one. I need to stop eating and drinking so much during games. I am usually so stuffed I don't feel like going out afterwards. Well the Cowboys had an afternoon game this week so when my roommate got home from work around 11 he asked if I was gonna get some food.

I told him today was the day, this Dallas Cowboys Burger is going down. I ordered one and all I could think about was this. It was a tasty double cheese burger. The huge pickles and the onion rings are what make this bad boy.

However, I suggest making it a Stryker Kombo if you want to try it. Remember, since the Cowboys got a touchdown in the first quarter yesterday you get two free tacos. So you get your two free tacos and put them on your burger like an X for Dez Bryant. Cover that bad boy in the Jack in the Box hot sauce and wash it down with a large Oreo shake. Some curley fries would also go great with the Stryker Kombo as well.