Three Texoma kids are lucky to be alive  after being swept away by rushing water into a city storm drain today (9/29).  The kids were reportedly playing in a storm drain nicknamed “Pinky’s Cave” near Taylor Street at around noon time on Saturday.  The drainage system, which extends from west of Old High area to Country Club subdivision, was quickly filling with rushing water from storm run-off, when two of the kids got swept into the underground culverts.

An off duty Wichita Falls fireman spotted one of them, a 9 year-old, who reportedly pulled himself out of the water.  Police, fire and sheriff’s officials were called in to search for the other two.  A female teenager was located about 300 yards downstream.  The third, a teen male, was found walking several blocks away.   All three were taken to a local hospital for treatment of hypothermia and released.  Their names have not been released, but all three are reported to be just fine.