It could have happened anywhere, to anyone, at any time.  On February 26, George Zimmerman was on a neighborhood watch patrol in Sanford, Florida when he spotted 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman reportedly thought Martin was acting suspiciously and call 9-1-1.  At some point, Martin and Zimmerman were face to face, Zimmerman says he was attacked and used deadly force.  And almost immediately, the media machine went to work painting a picture of a murder.  But was it?  Was it self defense?   Much has been made about this being a ‘hate’ crime.  Have you ever heard of a crime where the parties involved liked one another?  On Monday it was revealed that Trayvon had been suspended from the Miami/Dade School District for marijuana possession; a small amount of the drug was found in a plastic bag in his backpack a few days earlier.

It has also been revealed that eye witness accounts confirm what Zimmerman told police on the night of the shooting: Martin punched him, got on top of him and smashed his (Zimmerman) head into the concrete and Zimmerman then shot Martin.  Screams for help on the 9-1-1 recording are not clear, but Zimmerman says it was him.  Martin’s family says it was their son who was screaming.  No doubt, the FBI will get involved, if they are not already, in analyzing that call.

Almost immediately, Zimmerman was portrayed as a racist, gun happy white guy who shot a black youth in cold blood just because he didn’t like the way he looked.  The ‘Rev.’ Al Sharpton and the ‘Rev.’ Jesse Jackson have, of course, rushed to the side of Martin’s family and friends.  Those guys are graduates of the Rahm Emmanuel School of Political Opportunism: NEVER let a good crisis go to waste.

It’s almost criminal how Sharpton and Jackson treat such issues.  There is a process that needs to work.  The investigation barely got started before the Sanford Chief of Police, Bill Lee, was pressured to step down and has now been replaced by 23 year veteran, Capt. Darren Scott.    Capt. Scott, just for the record, is black.  Was that done to appease?  Was that choice made to try and stem the public outcry for blood?  Oh, but they just want justice, right?  The New Black Panthers have put a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head for his capture.  They’re basically inviting someone to kidnap this guy.  Where are the authorities on that one?  Silent, of course.

The picture of Trayvon Martin is growing more sinister by the hour, as more and more details about his true personality and behaviors emerge.  On Monday, the Daily Caller published Martin's Twitter feed, much of it laced with vulgarity.  Was this a senseless shooting of an unarmed man or a true act of self defense?  The media jumped on the senseless shooting bandwagon right away I believe in part because of their overall anti-gun stance in this country.  The “gun grabbers” in our society are already revving their engines.  A New York Daily News headline reads “Mayor Bloomberg: Trayvon Martin Shooting Makes The Need For Gun Control All Too Clear”. Expect the liberal gun control machine to use this line over and over again going into November.

Was this in fact a senseless shooting or was Zimmerman truly in fear of his life?  Did Martin assault Zimmerman?  These questions will hopefully be answered in the investigation, but the racial issues are destroying the chances of any type of unbiased determination.  I don’t see how the case that Zimmerman is just some racist madman can hold water.  Zimmerman called 9-1-1 and people who set out to commit cold blooded murder usually don’t do that.  Now, you have another irresponsible hate mongering fool, Spike Lee, re-Tweeting an address for a ‘George Zimmerman’ who isn’t even the George Zimmerman who shot Martin!  Now, an elderly couple has been forced to flee their home because of threats of violence against them.  Add to all of this the presence of the New Black Panthers and the Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s of the world; it will do nothing to help this case.  But they have another agenda altogether and justice has no role in that agenda.  They are exploiting the death for their own gain.  And their attack on Zimmerman looks a lot like lynch mob justice in the making.  According to a Reuters article, Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, has moved to trademark her son’s name.  That’s always foremost on a grieving mother’s mind, isn’t it?  I wonder if Spike Lee will go after the film rights?