A few Wichita Falls voters will have some decision making to do this Saturday, May 12.  The municipal elections will involve voters in Council District 3 and WFISD School Board District 2.  Polls will open at 7 am.

There have been changes to voting precincts due to federal court orders.  New voter registration cards are going out, but some may not arrive in time for the election.  Be sure to take your old voter registration with you to the polls (if you do not receive your new card).  If you do not have your old card, you can still vote, but you will be required to show a photo ID (drivers license or state issued ID card) to verify your residency and eligibility to vote. If you have questions about voting precincts, cards or other voter related issues, you can call the Wichita County Clerks office at 940-766-8174.

Click here to access the League of Women Voters Guide, with a complete list of the candidates, polling locations and more.  Remember, you can print and take this guide to the polling location with you as well!