38-year-old Josh Watford of Big Lake, Alaska was arrested last week, and while he was cuffed in the back of the police car, his wife hopped in and drove off. Sure, she's going to prison, but at least she's winning the wife of the year award along the way.

Josh was arrested because he stopped showing up to court-ordered DUI classes. The officer cuffed him and put him in the back of his cop car and then got distracted talking to someone driving by.

And that's when Josh's 28-year-old wife Amber decided to save her husband by stealing the cop car. She hopped into the driver's seat and drove off.

Once they got away, she helped Josh out of his handcuffs and they made a run for it.  The police found the car about an hour later, but the Watfords were missing.

They eventually tracked them down on Friday hiding in a house in Wasilla, Alaska and arrested them for vehicle theft, criminal mischief, and more.

Amber is out on bail, but Josh is still behind bars.

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