A family from Amarillo took their 10 year-old son Roman to last weekend's football game at AT&T stadium between the Cowboys and Lions. The tickets were a surprise from Roman's grandma because he is a huge Detroit Lions fan.

Roman and his family made the trip from Amarillo to Arlington, TX. Before the game started Roman participated in a contest that was being held on one of the stages outside of the stadium. The game was musical chairs and the last person to get a chair would win a brand new PS4 Madden game. Roman ended up being the winner, but when the MC noticed he had a Detroit Lions jersey on she asked to do it all over again because he was a Detroit Lions fan.


After they made Roman complete a re-do of musical chairs, the other guy Roman went against won this time -- and, yes, he was a Dallas Cowboys fan. The MC said they both would receive prizes. The staff gave Roman a Batman DVD and handed the other guy the PS4 Madden game.

Roman's family then talked to the staff and after 10 minutes they handed Roman a Led Zeppelin CD. First of all, Roman won the contest fair and square. Second, what would a 10-year-old do with a Led Zeppelin CD? The family said, "It's not about the prizes, it's about how they cheated Roman out because he was a Lions fan."

In my opinion, it was plain wrong what the Cowboys staff did to this 10-year-old boy and how they handled it. People should be able cheer for whatever team of their choice and still get treated fairly. C'mon really, to a 10-year-old!

Roman's GoFundMe account - Help us out!

We also just set up a GoFundMe account for Roman so we can get him some awesome PS4 games, a setup to make playing more fun, and lots of Detroit Lions swag! Help us out at the link below!

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