You have to be a real savage to go and steal someone’s Halloween display. Especially when that someone is a single mother and is currently sick.

KXAN is reporting that a red-haired person driving a third-generation GMC Denali pulled up in front of the victim’s house in broad daylight and stole a 14-foot skeleton display from the front yard. The crime happened last Saturday (October 15) just before 5:00 pm in the northwest condominium community in Austin.

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Luckily, it was all caught on a neighbor’s security camera. So, hopefully, someone will be able to identify the thief so they can be brought to justice. The president of the condominium community HOA, Grazia Ruskin, put the video out there along with a $50 reward in hopes of recovering the skeleton:

The person that took this, maybe that $50 would go a long way in helping clear their conscience and, you know, pointing us in the right direction. If somebody is struggling to a point that their desperation leads them to stealing a Halloween decoration…we would come together, you don’t have to steal from us.

It would be awesome if the person who did this had a change of heart and returns the skeleton. If not, hopefully, someone recognizes who they are and does the right thing by turning them in.

If you happen to have any information about the theft, reach out to the neighborhood HOA at

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