Monday is Halloween and that means kids exploring the neighborhood getting some candy. Here are some houses to avoid in Wichita Falls this year.

Texas is a state that has a 'No Candy' law in place for sex offenders. This means they cannot hand out candy to children on Halloween. From 6 AM to Midnight on October 31st, sex offenders are forbidden in taking part in Halloween activities in their neighborhood.

I hate to say it, but the movie 'Knocked Up' unfortunately nailed this several years ago. Paul Rudd's line of, 'It looks like your computer has herpes', is sadly an accurate statement for Wichita Falls. You look up our area and red dots just start popping up like crazy.

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According to City Data for 2022, Wichita Falls has 257 registered sex offenders within the city limits. You can scroll throughout the city and see the names and addresses of the folks that are registered in our area. Friendly reminder this is public knowledge for folks, so don't get mad at me.

I will say you do have different levels of sex offenders, which the level is posted on that site for many of the individuals. Low and moderate seem to be the level which many of the folks in Wichita Falls are listed at. I won't lie though, I did find at least one individual that was listed as a high risk offender.

Before you head out this year, check the map for your neighborhood. Maybe the person not handing out candy is not legally allowed to. Below you can check out some screenshots for the latest data.

Sex Offenders Map for 2022 in Wichita Falls

Below are some screenshots from City Data for the list of registered sex offenders in Wichita Falls. You can get a more accurate look of your neighborhood on their website.

The Official Halloween Rules for Wichita Falls

I have taken it upon myself to make a list of rules that EVERYONE should follow on Halloween night. They're broken down for rules for kids and adults. Yes, you must follow every single one for Jack Skellington will come get you on Halloween night.

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