Success in the media requires not only investment on the part of a network or company but the ability to gain and hold advertisers and an audience. One of America’s more recent cable ‘networks’ is about to prove that, no matter the investment, if you don’t have an audience and advertisers, you won’t be sticking around. In this case, it’s a wonderful aspect of doing business in America; the viewers vote with their dollars.

The New York Times reports that Al Jazeera America will be off the air as of April of this year. The network, which is controlled by the ruling family of Qatar, began broadcasting in America in 2013. Al Jazeera promised a 'calmer, un-biased alternative' to other networks. Most were not fooled about who they really are. Accuracy in Media reported on Al Jazeera’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group responsible for helping to lead Egypt into the hell it has become.

Any association with the Muslim Brotherhood should be cause for extreme concern to say the very least. Global Faith Institute founder and Egyptian native Dr. Mark Christian (obviously not his real name), himself a former Muslim who was forced to flee his native land under the threat of death, has made the case for just how evil the Brotherhood truly is. Mark knows first hand what the MB is all about; his great uncle was a founding member.

It’s really a victory for America to see Al Jazeera roll up its tent and disappear. The emir of Qatar has reportedly loaned $400 million to the Gaza Strip, which happens to be controlled by Hamas. Hamas has been identified as a terror organization by the U.S. State Department. And since the ruling family of Qatar has control over Al Jazeera, it’s not hard to make the case that they are nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for Hamas and the MB.

Al Jazeera America was born out of the parent company’s $500 million purchase of Al Gore’s failed Current TV. Town Hall Radio News reports that Al Jazeera had also become the target of lawsuits alleging widespread sexist and anti-Semitic treatment from executives. This combined with the lack of advertisers and viewers spelled the inevitable end of Al Jazeera America.