A story shared by Breitbart News over the weekend should serve as a warning to Americans; our right to keep and bear arms must be preserved at all costs. These kinds of stories seem to be all over Europe and especially Great Britain. Britain, sadly, may already be lost forever, largely due to the ignorance of their leadership.

The story of a horrific attack by 20 armed thugs left one young man with a nearly severed hand and another with ax wounds to his chest that left him with a collapsed lung. The only weapon the victims had was a chainsaw. British law prohibits citizens from being armed. Similar gangs of thugs have also been linked to rapes in Britain.

Though the story does not say this specifically, one can conclude that the attackers are most likely Muslim. They were not charged with a hate crime, despite calling the victims 'white bastards'. Put the shoe on the other foot and a hate crime charge would have been filed. The level of cowardice in all of this is mind boggling.

Attacks like this are less likely in the United States because you and I have a constitutionally protected right to be sufficiently armed. There are only a few limitations placed on us when it comes to possessing a firearm and fairly strict rules already in place to govern when and how we can exercise deadly force.

Your Second Amendment rights are more about restraining and limiting government than anything else. But that right extends to self protection and defense. This story serves to show why we must, at all costs, resist any attempts by any political faction in this country to curtail our gun rights. Otherwise, we run the risk of seeing this kind of horror played out in cities all across America.


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