A video has gone viral that shows an incident that happened at a local Quality Inn.

An Amarillo family was staying at a hotel while their house was being built. An incident occurred over the weekend after the hotel employees thought the family hadn't paid their bill. According to the family, they did have proof of a receipt for their stay at the hotel.

Employees went to the room to confront the family and that led up to a heated argument. In the video, you can see several employees, including a manager, gathered around the door. The female tenant grabbed an employee's name tag, which resulted in the employee assaulting her. There was at least one child in the room when this was happening. You can hear profanity used by the hotel employees and the tenants. The hotel employee continued to throw other things at the female guest until she exited the room.

Please remember this is one side of the story and we do not know exactly what happened before the video was taken.

Amarillo Police Department has been notified and charges of disorderly conduct were filed.

What do you think about the way the hotel employees handled this situation?

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