Many consider it an eyesore, but at one point in time this was one of the best hotels in Wichita Falls.

Future of Hotel at Wichita Falls

Throughout the years, the hotel near The Falls has undergone several names. When I moved to Wichita Falls back in the day. I knew it as the Holiday Inn in town. Most recently it was just called Hotel at Wichita Falls and originally the Sherman Hotel. Nowadays the spot has become a popular destination for YouTubers and vagrants to go explore.

What's Inside the Abandoned Wichita Falls Hotel? Check it Out Below

City of Wichita Falls Suing Property Owner

Now the problem with the property is that the owner does not want to sell. Now the city of Wichita Falls is suing the owner Rajendra K. Patel (Wichita Falls Hospitatlity INC) for eminent domain. Which refers to the power of the government to take private property and convert it into public use. Obviously if this were to take place, you would have to give fair market value for the property.

What is the Hotel at Wichita Falls Worth?

According to Times Record News, the Wichita Appraisal District valued the property at $1.5 million in 2023. Tax Assessor-Collector Tommy Smyth said the owners are current on their property taxes. The main problem with the hotel is the location. Sitting right next to the Wichita River if it floods, the hotel has to be evacuated. Which has actually happened a few time over the years.

Footage of Hotel Underwater from 2007 Below

What Would the City Do with the Property?

So the problem with potential flooding building a new structure is out the window. Looks like the city would create a park area on the grounds. We will wait and see what happens with the abandoned hotel. All I know is, one more YouTuber will break in to get some videos before this thing gets taken down.

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