The Department of Homeland Security launched a program called "If you see something, say something" a while back.  The idea being, if you see something that looks suspicious, call the cops, the sheriff, somebody, anybody, and report what you've seen.  Sounds like common sense on the surface, right?  But is it something else?  Is it a program designed to target American's who simply disagree with the way the government has handled illegal immigration or the national debt or foreign relations?  Do they really consider someone who flies the American flag a potential terrorist?  Does the DHS really think that conservatives, particularly those who, like myself, still believe that our constitution should be the guidepost for whatever congress votes on?  Conservative talk show host and film maker Alex Jones has posted a video that strikes even me as, well, weird, to say the very least.  Jones is considered by most as a bit of conspiracy theorist.  He is that.  While I do believe we have terrorists in our own country, I don't believe they're hiding in every building and under every rock. Is there a far-reaching effort on the part of the government to paint YOU as the terrorist?  Or is it all blown out of proportion?    Watch for yourself and tell us what you think!  Click here!