Thanks to the Federal Communications Commission’s Emergency Broadband Internet Program, Americans are now eligible to get $50 off of their monthly internet bill.

The program is part of the $900 billion pandemic-relief package that was passed back in December. The goal is to ensure all Americans have access to broadband internet during a time when more people are working and learning from home.

It’s not clear how long the payments will last, but NBC DFW is reporting that they are expected to go on for several months. The FCC didn’t specify exactly how many people would receive the discount, but tens of millions of Americans are eligible.

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Those who live in tribal areas can get as much as $75 off of their bill. The program also includes a $100 reimbursement for desktop computers, laptops or tablets. To get the reimbursement you have to buy the device through your broadband provider and pay between $10 and $50 of the cost yourself.

Who’s eligible to receive the Emergency Broadband Benefit?

Households that receive food stamps, have children who are in a free or reduced-price school lunch program or use Medicaid are eligible to receive the benefit.

Other eligible households include those with income at or below 135% of the poverty level as defined by federal poverty guidelines. Also, those who suffered a substantial loss of income after February 29, 2020 can receive the benefit as well as single filers who make $99,000 or less or joint filers who make $198,000 who lost income during the pandemic.

Head to this location to see all eligibility requirements and to start the application process.

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