The Disney parks are described by many as the most magical place on Earth. However, testing positive for COVID-19 can turn a magical getaway into something more of a nightmare.

That's exactly what happened to one TikTok user, who documented her experience with testing positive for COVID-19 during a trip to Disney World. Luckily, it sounds like Disney's Cast Members were able to somewhat salvage her trip and provide a spot for her to quarantine until she felt well enough to go home.

TikTok user @kholb112 shared her experience testing positive while traveling with her young daughter.

She uploaded her first video chronicling the experience on the third of the duo's voluntary five-day quarantine. The mom explained that she woke up feeling sick during one of the first days of their trip.

Both she and her daughter wound up positive for COVID-19. While her daughter was mostly asymptomatic, the mom didn't feel well. After reaching out to Disney, she was put in touch with a COVID manager and given a variety of options.

Ultimately, she chose to quarantine for five days in one of the Fort Wilderness Cabins. Since they were already at Fort Wilderness, they were able to stay there.

Her first video amassed more than 7,000 views. However, another video went viral and has been viewed nearly 150,000 times.

In the viral video, the TikTok user showed there was a bit of space outside that she and her daughter were able to use while in quarantine. She added that they were asked not to leave their deck, but that Cast Members dropped off anything they might need.

In a series of TikToks that followed, @kholb112 answered viewers' questions.

She explained Walt Disney World offered her several options for how to handle the experience. “Once I notified Disney they did give me about 4 different options that I felt were good," she said.

Ultimately, she opted to quarantine at the property. However, she could have driven home if she was feeling well enough.

User @kholb112 did have to pay for her extended stay, but she said that Disney World worked to give her the best possible rate. Also, she pointed out that since they weren't able to spend time eating in the park or paying for other various attractions it didn't put her dramatically over budget.

They wound up leaving before the end of the five-day quarantine because she was feeling well enough to drive.

"Disney did not force us to quarantine. They did not force us to stay, nor did they force us to test or do anything," she said. "They simply offered support to make sure that I felt better and was able to travel home."

She also replied to users who implied they would not have alerted others had they tested positive for COVID-19 while at Disney.

“Besides the fact that I was so sick that just getting up and getting around was difficult, I’m not going to spread an infectious disease to thousands of people," she explained.

Although it's hard to find a solid plan of action on Disney's website about how to handle testing positive for COVID-19 while at the resort, @kholb112 said she felt well taken care of during the experience.

"Disney seemed really prepared for this, and they were very happy to help," she emphasized.

Disney's COVID-19 guidelines make it very clear guests cannot spend time in the theme park if they are ill.

Sites such as All Ears provide some advice for travelers who get sick during a trip.

Watch more of @kholb112's TikToks about her experience, below:

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