With all the chaos of the presidential election, this kind of got pushed to the side. 

It just wasn't the votes for political candidates on Tuesday. The city of Arlington also voted on the future of Globe Life Park, the home of the Texas Rangers. The voter's results came in and it was a landslide victory for a new stadium. The city will pay 500 million for the stadium, while the Rangers organization will pay for the other half.

This billion dollar stadium will have something fans have been wanting for years, a retractable roof. If you have never attended a Texas Rangers afternoon game in the summer, it's brutal. One game was so bad, I couldn't even drink beer. The water bottle guy got all my beer money that day.

“It’s a phenomenal thing how so many generations now have grown up going to the Texas Rangers here in Arlington,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams. “And now we have an opportunity for us to say that we want the Rangers to be here for our kids and grandkids. … It is a historic time in which all of our leaders have come together here to work hard to ensure that we kept the Rangers now.”

An investigation by WFAA discovered that the stadium deal would cost $1.675 billion in total, far exceeding the price tag that the Rangers and Arlington city officials have been touting. The newly-passed stadium deal has the city of Arlington issuing $500 million in bonds, which will cover half the cost of the stadium. The bonds will take 30 years to repay, and it’ll be done through a five percent car rental tax, a two percent hotel occupancy tax, and a half-cent sales tax.

They expect the new stadium to be completed by either the 2020 or 2021 season. Can't wait to check it out. The next four or five years, I will try not to get heat stroke at a game.