If you’re driving through Wichita Falls going any direction, you’re going to drive past the old Attebury Grain Elevator building. It’s big. It’s scruffy. And almost all roads in and out of our city go past it. Even with its close proximity to Kemp and Kell and the Central Freeway, it’s hard to get a good look at this monolithic old building.

Unless you have a camera mounted on a drone.

Mike Young with RSP Drone Photography in Wichita Falls recently set his drone's sights on the Attebury Grain silos and the abandoned mill next door and captured some pretty spectacular aerial and closeup views of the intriguing structures. Mike posted the footage to his YouTube channel on Monday.

The building’s ownership began in the late 1800s under the Wichita Valley Milling Company, it was purchased in 1896 by Joseph Kemp and Frank Kell, eventually going to the General Mills company, and later wound up belonging to the Attebury Grain LLC, its current owners.

While the building may look abandoned, it is actually still in use with grain trucks coming and going at regular intervals. Some would like to see it torn down, some think it’s haunted, but others have different ideas about this historic old structure.

As part of his comprehensive plan to bolster downtown business, Mayor Stephen Santellana has a plan for this strategically placed building. He wants to use it as a giant billboard to encourage people to get off the freeway and explore some of what Wichita Falls has to offer. Specifically, he’s looking at the Attebury grain silos to direct people downtown and it seems the Attebury people are on board with that idea.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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