You may not be able to afford a trip to one of those golf courses that the pros play on, so many folks play on a golf simulator. How would you like to hit a home run in a professional baseball stadium? Now you can!

Now this is more my speed when it comes to simulators. Nothing against the golf ones, but baseball is more my sport. The fine folks at Home Run Dugout have perfected the same technology that golf simulators use to give you the feeling of hitting a home run in your favorite ballpark.

Don't worry though, the ball won't be coming out like an MLB pitcher is throwing at you. They say they're home to the 7 mile per hour fastball. The ball pops up and you whack the ever loving crap out of it. They track the exit velocity (how fast the ball is hit), launch angle, distance, and direction of your hits and display them on multiple screens. It will then show you how far your ball would go in an MLB ballpark.

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Home Run Dugout is currently only operating in Texas, so shout out to the Lone Star State. Currently they have two locations, one in Katy, Texas and one over in Round Rock, Texas.

Katy Texas Location

Now the location in Katy, has something special. A mini baseball diamond that they plan on letting people rent out for wiffle ball and kickball. Homerun Dugout also features drinks and food, so seems like a perfect place to go spend a night out. I would of course choose my favorite MLB ballpark to see if I could hit the warehouse in Camden Yards. Only one person has ever done that.

Now I can live my childhood dreams and see if I can actually do it.

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