Fact: yelling "Bear, stop that!" doesn't do anything.

A woman on a solo kayaking trip from Ketchikan, Alaska to Petersburg, Alaska, got an unwelcome surprise when a bear attacked and ate her kayak.

What's amazing is that the bear, even though it's chowing down on a boat, is not really the star of this video. That's because the creature is upstaged by the breakout performance by the woman, who we never even see.

Surprisingly, none of her pleas to stay away from the kayak convince the bear from walking away. And that just causes this woman to melt down quicker than an Alaskan ice cap in the Hawaiian sun.

While we feel badly for the woman -- her mode of transportation is being destroyed -- you get the feeling the bear enjoys tormenting her and listening to her whine and reach octaves no one thought capable.

Here's hoping the woman managed to get the kayak fixed.

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