Tourists at Denali National Park in Alaska got a special treat when a lone grizzly bear, just doing his grizzly bear thing on a grassy hill, decided, "You know what looks fun? Rolling all the way down this here hill." And then he proceeded to do just that.

As any kid knows, rolling down a hill is waaaay more fun than walking or even running down a hill. And if you're a 600-pound bear with a thick hide, you don't need to worry about the occasional pebble or stick poking you during your roll. In fact, it's a mystery why bears would ever choose not to roll down the hill. There are simply no downsides.

Anyway, the tourists all got a big kick out of the bear show. But we think the bear had the better time -- especially when he finally got to the bottom of the hill and found a bunch of humans pointing and laughing and not realizing they had just fallen for a classic bit of bear misdirection: the tourists were now lunch.

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