Firemen rescue cats in trees. Policemen? Well, they rescue bears in cars.

Yup, that's exactly what went down earlier this month in Jefferson County, Colo., when deputies had to remove a bear that got locked inside of a Subaru -- or is that Su-BEAR-u?

How the bear got into the vehicle remains a mystery on par with who shot JFK. As officers said, "No windows were broken. The door handles weren’t the kind you lift up. And yet somehow this medium-sized bear managed to open a door, crawl inside and close the door behind him."

Like Yogi, this ain't your average bear. In addition to somehow getting inside the car, he also decided to have a field day ruining the inside of it. Authorities had to manually open the hatchback, while keeping a gun on the animal in case he decided to get aggressive. Fortunately, for all involved, the bear had no interest in going Revenant on anyone and hightailed it right back into the wild after he was set free.

Geez, a quick "thank you" or handshake would've been nice, don't you think?

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