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President Joe Biden will be unveiling his executive orders on gun control Thursday at the White House. One executive action that has leaked deals with so-called ghost guns. According to POLITICO, Biden’s executive order will direct the administration to begin the process of requiring buyers of ghost guns, guns that lack serial numbers because they are homemade, to go through background checks.

The administration could also announce regulations on what the media likes to call concealed “assault-style” firearms. Other executive actions could deal with banning those convicted of domestic violence from purchasing firearms and alerting authorities when someone fails a background check. We could also hear federal guidance on safe gun storage.

Democrats have been pushing Biden to take action on the so-called concealed “assault-style” firearms according to POLITICO.

More than 100 House Democrats wrote to Biden last week, urging him to take action on the concealed assault-style firearms, which is similar to the one used in the Colorado shooting in which 10 people were killed.

We will learn more as the day develops, but here’s what I and you should already know. Nothing that is proposed would have stopped mass shootings, not even the one in Colorado and nothing that will be proposed will be enough for the anti-gun left and the media. Even giving an inch to the gun grabbers is dangerous. They won’t stop at ghost guns. Eventually, they will try to come for all guns and we must be ready to push back.

I was against the bump-stock ban during the Trump administration, not because I love bump stocks, but because I know that it will never be enough. They won't stop at banning ghost guns, or AR-15's. They won't stop until only the criminals have guns and that's not acceptable.

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