A bobcat or a mountain lion in parts of Texas is for sure possible. A black panther though?!

Is a Black Panther Ruining Wild in Texas?

Sure, I could find a black panther in Texas. I would have to go visit a zoo or a wildlife preserve. However, these things are not native to Texas. Africa, Asia, or South America is where you would expect to see these things in the wild. However, Jerel Hall of Huntsville, Texas claims he snapped a photo of one on his property.

Evidence of a Black Panther in Texas?

Jerel has started quite the online debate since posting this photo on Sunday. I personally have seen higher quality photos of Bigfoot than this so called 'panther' roaming around Texas. So let's see what an animal expert has to say on this.

Texas Parks and Wildlife's Statement on Black Panther in Texas

An expert with the state agency told Houston's CHRON that the creature photographed in Walker County on Saturday was most likely a house cat, though it notes the photo quality makes it difficult to decipher. "It is certainly not a mountain lion based on the tail length (or a jaguarundi)," TPWD wrote. "Size can be tough to tell in photos and unless you have a good reference, 'apparent size' is often misleading."

What the Hell is a Jaguarundi?

Unsplash User Alec Blanchard
Unsplash User Alec Blanchard

Never heard of these big cats, but apparently they're native to Central America and can be found in Mexico. So I guess it is possible for a jaguarundi to be in Texas. Had no idea this was an animal until today. So I guess Texans look out for bobcats, mountain lions, and maybe jaguarundis.

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