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Remarking on the more than 3.2 million illegal border crossers that have been apprehended since President Joe Biden took office, plus the additional 800,000 plus getaways that have been detected by the Border Patrol, Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad commented, “We’re in a transformation of America from a free Republic to moving to something that’s more of a Marxist state," as quoted by The Epoch Times in July 2022.

He said that he had never seen a border crisis so bad or border-related crime so egregious.

It’s a movement of individuals from Third World countries, all over the place, into our country. But the farther you get into it, the more you realize it’s all done by design — and it’s at the design of the federal government.

Boyd shows that he knows something of history as well. When asked how allowing millions of illegals from over 160 countries to free-flow into America would transform America into a Marxist state, he responded with reference to the 1960’s “War on Poverty” by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Johnson sold the “War on Poverty” to the Democratic National Party by pointing out that the government giveaways would have the recipients all voting Democratic for 200 years. “There is nothing but a replication of the soft enslavement of people through entitlement,” Boyd points out.

Trevor Loudon

Communism expert Trevor Loudon agrees with Sheriff Boyd’s assessment.

This is Marxist. This is Leninist. And this goes back to American politicians cooperating with hostile foreign powers in the destruction of America. And their No. 1 weapon is illegal immigration and overwhelming the border.

If you can’t bring it down [a nation] through nuclear weapons, you bring it down through illegal immigration, which is maybe just as effective in the long run. This is an orchestrated, communist assault on America, to destroy America’s border, to create confusion in America to overwhelm the system politically.

This is how America is turning to a one-party state. Noncitizens traditionally vote 80 percent Democratic and 20 percent Republican.

Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative and former member of the Federal Election Commission, said allowing noncitizens to vote “cheapens and diminishes” the concept of citizenship. Open borders will “extinguish the line between legal and illegal aliens in this country.” In the end, the goal will be to devalue the concept of citizenship to the point that it means absolutely nothing.

Remarkable as it is, the Democrat Party in America has one primary goal in mind — to destroy this nation. Too many Americans have been put to sleep with sports and entertainment to know what is going on in our nation. Like Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire, they fiddle while Rome burns.

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