I’m not fond of fighting in the first place, but getting into a fight on an airplane has to especially suck.

At least if you get into a fight in a wide-open area like a parking lot or something you can haul ass out of there when you realize you’re in over your head. Not so much in an airplane.

But some good old-fashioned fisticuffs would make for some good entertainment to help pass the time. And the folks aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Phoenix were treated to just that.

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According to KVIA, the fight broke out as the passengers were boarding the plane at Dallas Love Field on Monday, March 6. It all started when one of the guys approached the other and started punching him. However, the fight didn’t last long as other passengers intervened.

While it’s not exactly clear what led to the hostilities, the guy who initiated the attack told some of his fellow passengers that the other guy had approached his family “aggressively.” Well, there’s nothing like messing with another man’s family to get your ass kicked.

Of course, neither one of the dudes made the trip to Phoenix. Passengers say that both of the guys were escorted off of the plane. My best guess is that both got to cool their heels in the Dallas County Jail for a few hours.

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