When you discover a new fossil, you get to name it whatever you want. One researcher decided to show some love to another Texas beaver in his study.

This is an interesting find for the University of Texas at Austin, their department of geosciences just shared some new research on a beaver fossil discovered in Texas. Steve May submitted his research back in 2022 and it was recently accepted last month. You can check out everything here.

The Real Buc-ee Beaver?

The fossil above is from a species of beaver that lived near the Texas Gulf Coast 15 to 22 MILLION years ago. These beavers are believed to be common to the beavers we see today, however these ones millions of years ago were much bigger. Apparently a fossil of one of these beavers in University of Texas' collection is from all the way back in 1941. Thanks to new technology, the university has been doing more research on the fossils.

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Now the genus name of this animal is Anchitheriomys, since this particular find is a new species in that genus, Steve May has named it Anchitheriomys buceei. Buceei is a nod to the Texas billboards we have all seen road tripping through our state for the famous Texas pit stop.

Fun Fact About Where Buc-ee's Logo Comes From

Steve says he had seen one of these billboards say, "It's beaver country". He happened to agree for a period of time, Texas was beaver country several million years ago. So he decided to name the species after the most famous beaver in Texas. Here's a fun fact I learned today about Buc-ee's Beaver mascot. It's apparently named after the founder's childhood dog Buck and big inspiration for the beaver was a toothpaste he used as a kid. You might have seen it in the movie 'Grease' before.

I won't ever be able to watch this movie again without thinking about Buc-ee's. By the way, that beaver mascot for Ipana toothpaste is called Bucky and now you can say you learned something today.

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