This dude apparently has a lot of problems with the Jackson family. When I say that, I mean like Michael and Janet Jackson. Yes, right here in Texoma.

52-year-old Roger Hardy was arrested on August 23 after making several, and I do mean several, fake calls to 9-1-1 emergency services. In the span of just eleven days, from August 10 through the 21st, here are some of the things Roger called 9-1-1 about.

  • Hardy told 9-1-1 dispatch he was upset that Michael Jackson was murdered.
  • Hardy reported someone shot a dog in the alley behind his home. Officers went to the home and were unable to get Hardy to speak with them. Police discovered there was no alley behind Hardy's home and officers spoke with neighbors who said they did not hear any gunshots.
  • Hardy reported he was receiving threats from his girlfriend Janet Jackson.
  • Hardy called three times about Donald Trump trying to kill him.
  • Called again to get in contact with his girlfriend, Janet Jackson.
  • Hardy told them he was Jesus Christ and wanted to share his gospel.
  • Hardy called saying women were putting babies in the microwave.

After that last one, it looks like police officially had enough. Police investigated and found no one putting babies in microwaves in Burkburnett. Arrest warrants were then issued for False Alarm or Report Emergency (Public Service), Silent Abusive Calls to 911 Service.

Also during one of these calls, Hardy told police he had weapons and was going to "kill officers and their families," according to the warrant. So a charge of Terroristic Threat Against Public Servant was added to the list. Hardy remains in the Wichita County Jail on a $4,000 bond.

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